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Suzanne Thompson
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  • Congratulations to Shiloh Elementary After School Program for a successful 4th Annual Shiloh "Kids On The Track For A Cure" Walk held Saturday, September 20. Vickie Johnson, program coordinator at Shiloh ASP, reports that she mailed a check in the amount of $1927.50 to the American Cancer Society. Thanks to ASP staff, school faculty, children and parents for their support and Debra Hudson and Jody Funderburk for providing music for the walk.

  • The following sites will be going through SACERS evaluation during the 2014-2015 school year: Kensington, Prospect, Sandy Ridge, Stallings, and Sun Valley. The ASP staff members at each school are reviewing policies, procedures, and SACERS questions to prepare for review. We thank all of them for their hard work as they prepare for the evaluations, and we look forward to maintaining 5-Stars at all five programs!

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H.E.L.P. Receives Support from Kensington ASP photo

H.E.L.P. Receives Support from Kensington ASP

Throughout the year, the 27 After School Programs hold community out reach projects to help various groups that support those in need. Some of the beneficiaries of these projects have been the Ronald McDonald House, ARC of Union County, American Cancer Society, animal shelters, and several homes for senior citizens. Kensington After School Program's most recent project benefitted H.E.L.P. Crisis Pregnancy Center.

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Indian Trail ASP in the Fall of the Moment photo

Indian Trail ASP in the Fall of the Moment

Fall is here, but the frost is not on the pumpkin! With this knowledge, the children in Indian Trail After School Program and their group leaders went to work brainstorming what they could put on the pumpkin.

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Benton Heights ASP Has Fire and Safety Week photo

Benton Heights ASP Has Fire and Safety Week

The After School Program at Benton Heights After School Program recently observed Fire and Safety Week. Tanita Cox, ASP coordinator, invited Officer Vivian Caldwell, the on-site resource officer, to come to talk to the children about situations involving danger and how the children could be safe when faced with those situations.

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